My academic background began at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, then to the University of California, Irvine, where I studied painting as a studio art major. My lifelong interest in archaeology led me to California State University, Los Angeles, where I combined my love of painting and drawing with my interest in archaeology to create a unique degree program. I was awarded a bachelors degree in Archaeological Illustration in 1978. This allowed me to remain an artist while participating in the archaeology field. From 1978 to 1991, my work as an onsite illustrator took me all over the world. This global perspective has been a great influence on my life and work.

My next major achievement was a solo show with RB Ravens Gallery, Taos, NM in 1993. In 1996, I produced a solo exhibition in Fremantle, West Australia, in conjunction with the Artist's Foundation of West Australia in their public space, the Moore's Building. Titled Paintings of Multicultural Dance and Ritual, the work was about "aboriginal dance". To me that didn't mean just indigenous people; it was any spontaneous, gut level response to music or rhythm that I saw - a theme that continues today. In both my figurative and landscape paintings, whether painted on canvas or board, my goal is the interpretation of movement, light, colour and passion in the music, dance or landscape. My work helps the viewer be drawn into the emotionally charged atmosphere, living the landscape, the music and the musician's passion.

Duncan R. Miller Fine Arts became interested in work I produced while on my first painting trip, autumn 1998, to Glenfinnan, Scotland. I have shown each year with the gallery since then. In 1999, I began Waltz Across Texas, a study of Dance Inside the Historic Dance Halls of Texas, (WAT) at the request of RB Ravens Gallery. A Preview exhibition of the work was held at the Texas state capitol by then first lady of Texas, Laura Bush. New Braunfels Museum of Art and Music's inaugural exhibition, WAT in its entirety in conjunction with Dance Halls and Last Calls, opened May, 2003.

I have spent the thirteen years living and working in Glenfinnan, Scotland. Painting the musicians, the ceilidhs, and the landscape that carries so much of the Scots' passion for life. CEILIDH! has now been exhibited at the Scottish Parliament, at a charity exhibition for Mercy Ships at Kinfauns Castle, at Paisley Museum of Art, and most recently, at Radio France in Paris.  I have now begun to establish another studio in the USA, as well as Scotland and France.

In the past few years, my interest in new places has surfaced again, and while I continue to enjoy painting ceilidhs and landscapes in Scotland, I have begun to explore new territory. So far, Tenerife, the French coast, and now Morocco have captured my imagination! I've no idea where my muse will take me next!

(For a more detailed CV, please contact me.)

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  1. Jerry Smalling avatar
    Jerry Smalling Oct 28, 2010

    Hi,Gail, just dropped by your website after meeting you at Trading Post Cafe, in Taos.

    Nice work, it seems you really enjoy what you do.

    Nice meeting you, Blessings on your journies. Jerry

  2. Gail Wendorf avatar
    Gail Wendorf Nov 1, 2010

    Yes, very much enjoyed chatting while we waited for our food.  Thanks for the comments.  If you like the work, spread the word.  My email is Thanks again! and good journies to you as well… Gail